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Faculty and Staff

In order to maintain a safe density level on campus to allow for proper social distancing practices, Loyola will return staffing to campus incrementally to meet critical operational needs. Decisions to expand on-campus staffing will depend on availability of testing and personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as changes to citywide restrictions on large gatherings. 

Staff that have been granted access to return to on-site work will be notified by their supervisor. All staff who are not essential on-campus personnel will continue to work remotely until they are given a new directive from their supervisor. If supervisors have questions about returning to work, they should contact Heather Blanchard in Human Resources at or 504.864.7896. Faculty will be informed by their deans or provost of the plan for faculty access to their offices. If a faculty member has any questions about this, they should contact their dean.

View the full Return to Work On Campus Policy on the Human Resources website. 

All Loyola employees are required to complete a Return to Work training and review the expectations and changes you’ll be experiencing as we move forward with a thoughtful, phased reopening. As more employees return to work on campus, Loyola will closely monitor for potential outbreaks and may implement new operational restrictions or reduced staffing limits to mitigate risks of spreading the virus.

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