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How do I know if I am considered essential on-campus personnel and am required to report to campus?

Your supervisor will notify you if you are essential personnel and the attendance requirements for your position.

How do I know if I can be on campus?

Your immediate supervisor will notify you of the specific attendance requirements for your position.

If my position cannot be performed remotely what will the university do?

The university will work with you to determine if there are other job duties you can perform to continue working.

If I am not deemed essential on-campus personnel can I still come to campus to work?

No, unless your supervisor has notified you that you are required on-campus you will be working remotely. Special circumstances should be discussed with your supervisor.

While working remotely, how will I communicate with my supervisor and/or team?

Your supervisor will establish communication protocols for you and your team. This may include a variety of appropriate technologies including: email, Zoom videoconferencing, Google Hangouts, text, phone calls, and/or other software or apps (i.e. Slack, GroupMe).

If I am contacted by my supervisor, am I required to respond?

Yes, if your supervisor contacts you, you are required to respond during the regular work day. During an urgent situation you may need to respond outside of your regular work day.

I’m scheduled to take vacation, what will happen now?

As per policy, you will take your pre-approved vacation as usual, unless there has been a necessary change based on university needs. Standard departmental procedures apply. Speak with your supervisor about any concerns. Your vacation time would be recorded on your timesheet.

My supervisor said my job is essential to campus operations and it cannot be completed at home. I would prefer to work remotely. What should I do?

Your supervisor has the responsibility to ensure that your department’s services continue to be provided for the campus community. While all have been asked to be as accommodating to working remotely as possible, there are positions whose responsibilities would necessitate being on campus. If you have discussed your preferences with your supervisor and they have declined your request to work remotely, the decision has been made. If you feel there are extenuating circumstances to your situation that are not being considered, including concerns regarding your personal health condition or that of a close family member, please contact HR to discuss.    

Am I allowed to travel domestically and work from there?

Time dedicated to personal travel should be noted as vacation time. Also keep in mind that when working remotely you are expected to be available to communicate via phone and internet at any time during the normally scheduled work day. In certain circumstances, an employee may also be required to report to campus.

Will I need to use my cell phone instead of my office phone? 

A working phone at your remote work location is required. You can use a personal cell or landline. Our desk phones offer a call forwarding option and your office voicemail can be accessed remotely. Please see the IT Resources page for more details. 

What if I need office supplies or other equipment?

Employees can bring home needed office supplies to support their required duties during this time. The university is also allowing employees to bring home their office computers and IT will provide VPN. Please remember that you are responsible for the privacy and security of sensitive data when working remotely. View our Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources.