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Employees | General Questions for Employees

If I become sick, what do I do and who do I notify?

All faculty, staff, and students are expected to report potential exposure, symptoms, or a positive COVID-19 test result through the #CampusClear daily health screening. Staff should be using the app daily to assess how they are feeling before arriving on campus. 

Additionally, we recommend that Loyola employees feeling symptoms of COVID-19 contact their health provider or call the Ochsner COVID info hotline 24/7 at 844.888.2772 for free nursing advice.

If your illness prevents you from working, notify your supervisor or department chair that you will be absent for the day. Review our Reporting Illnesses section for additional next steps.

If I am notified that I have had contact with someone with a presumptive or confirmed case of COVID-19, what do I do and who do I notify?

If you believe that you have been exposed to or have COVID-19, contact your health provider or call the Ochsner COVID info hotline 24/7 at 844.888.2772. Review our Reporting Illnesses section for additional next steps. 

If my child’s school or care provider is closed or unavailable due to health concerns, and I am considered essential on-campus personnel, can I work remotely?

Depending on your position, your department may be able to support your ability to work remotely. Notify your supervisor and discuss the options for working remotely.

If my child’s school or care provider is closed or unavailable due to health concerns, can I use sick time?

Yes, you can use sick time to care for your dependents. In EWS, this is entered as family sick on your timesheet.

If I have a family member that becomes sick that I have had close physical contact with, what do I do and who do I notify?

If you believe that you have been exposed to or have COVID-19, contact your health provider or call the Ochsner COVID info hotline 24/7 at 844.888.2772 for free nursing advice. 

How much sick time do I have? What is the university’s paid sick time policy?

Your sick balance is available on your pay stub through EWS. The university’s Sick Leave policy is online.

How do I check my voicemail remotely?

Dial 504.865.2000. You will be prompted to enter your extension and voicemail password.

What do I do if I have problems with my Loyola-owned computer or laptop?

Call the help desk at 504.865.2255 or submit a ticket with IT Client Services.

How do I access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for faculty and staff?

You can call 1.800.955.6422 or go to To access the online services, you will need to use the following:

  • Username: Loyola 
  • Password: eap

More information about EAP services is available here.

Will Job Requests continue to be processed?

Yes, we will receive and process all requests.

How will Facilities be affected by online classes?

Physical Plant workers are essential and will continue normal operations.

Will custodial services change?

Physical Plant will work with WFF to insure that critical cleaning continues.  We will adjust our efforts as classrooms come offline, and focus on occupied portions of the campus.

Will calls to Physical Plant be answered?


While we are all working remotely our needs for printing are minimal, but what do we do if we have bulk printing or shipping needs?

Any special printing or shipping needs should be referred to Lisa Kibler in Purchasing at or 504.865.3189.

I purchased a meal plan but am unable to use it since we are not on campus. Will I be reimbursed or will it carry over to next year?

Your purchased meal plan(s) will be carried over into next year. As usual, Wolf Bucks do not expire.

I am paying for parking but we are not able to park on campus. Will I be reimbursed?

No, but as of your April 3, 2020 pay check, all parking deductions were stopped. The last parking payment was on March 20, 2020. Parking deductions will resume once we return to campus.

I read that all employees are expected to complete a daily health assessment. How will I track my symptoms?

We will be utilizing a health screening app to assist employees in self monitoring their health on a daily basis. We have narrowed down potential app vendors, and we are currently making the final selection on which app we will choose. This will be ready for use by the start of the academic year. 

How will you maintain employee privacy with the use of the health screening app?

The app is a very important - key - aspect of businesses/schools returning in the fall. Universities across the nation will be utilizing a health screening app. The app will be very important to assist employees in self monitoring their health on a daily basis, but it will also be very important for the employer (Loyola) to be able to monitor the health and safety of our employees and of the campus. 

Ensuring a safe workplace is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a federal requirement under OSHA. Additionally, other federal regulations related to FMLA and ADA also require that we take the appropriate and timely steps with employees who become sick. With that, yes, the app will provide very specific individuals in Human Resources and a COVID Case Manager that will be hired with the data provided on a daily basis so that we can meet our obligations to do everything we can to provide a safe workplace and to ensure those employees who are ill can be afforded all of the benefits available to them (which then ensures compliance with other federal regulations). 

The information will be treated as Protected Health Information (PHI) as it always has been. Supervisors will not have access to the information uploaded into the app. Notification that someone has been diagnosed with the virus via the app will also ensure that we are able to contact trace on campus, self quarantine those individuals who were in close contact with the employee or student (without ever divulging who was diagnosed) and ensuring that the appropriate sanitization protocols are conducted in the appropriate spaces on campus.

If I do not have a smartphone, will I still be able to complete the daily health assessment in the app?

 Currently, the options we are exploring are app-based. We will discuss alternative options for those who do not have smart phones.

If I am still working from home, am I still required to complete the health assessment on the app?

Yes, we are asking all employees to complete the daily health assessment regardless if they are working from home, in the office, or in a hybrid format. The app will also give us the opportunity to determine who is not completing the assessments. 

Why do I have to notify Loyola of planned personal travel?

We know that the virus does not always manifest symptoms immediately (and some people infected never exhibit symptoms), therefore, it is important that employees do not return to campus immediately upon returning from an area that has been designated as a hotspot and/or issued a travel advisory by the CDC. 

Employees will have to notify Human Resources if they are traveling within the U.S. or internationally and if the location is identified by the CDC as a hotspot/travel advisory location they can not immediately return to campus. The employee will be required to work from home for 14 days. If they do not experience any covid related symptoms during that period, then they can return to work. We are doing this so that we can do everything possible to ensure the safety of the Loyola community.