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September 10, 2020

Dear Loyola,

Many of you (633) took the opportunity for testing at the National Guard site last week and signed waivers for Loyola to receive the results.   I am very happy to report that only one student and one employee tested positive, a rate of .3%.  

For constantly updated information, you can find a current dashboard of all of our active cases on our website.  Currently, we have 4 on-campus students in isolation with positive tests and 12 off-campus.  In a community of almost 4,000 students studying here in person, those numbers are less than half of one percent.  

I am so grateful and so impressed.  These results, three weeks into the semester, are a tribute to your determination to observe our necessary and often annoying protocols.  You are doing an amazing job.   But before we celebrate and jinx ourselves, let’s remember that we’ve also been lucky thus far.  We’ll need to work hard to remain vigilant and keep our momentum going, even as this all gets very old.   

For students, know that Student Health provides COVID testing for symptomatic students, with results back in 30 minutes.  If you have questions about testing, call Student Health at 504-865-3326.  For employees, you can do the same with your own doctor or any Ochsner Urgent Care. 

Some of you have asked why we don’t offer full surveillance testing twice a week, as some universities are doing.  I want to remind you of the reasons.   First, without our own medical school and health system, we do not have access to that number of rapid tests.  (And for surveillance testing, tests that take days to process do not do much to stop the spread.)  More importantly, state and local public health officials have asked us not to redirect tests away from the populations most at risk even if we could.  

We, like most of the country and most universities, have to operate without full awareness of our asymptomatic cases.  We do that by assuming that any one of us may be contagious.  We do that by masking and keeping our distance, except from the smallest possible pod of friends and family. 

We are a community brought together by values and by concern for each other.  Now we have direct evidence of how much that matters.  

Thank you all, and continued prayers, 

Tania Tetlow


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