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August 3, 2020 

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

As a follow-up to the Provost’s recent email outlining some of the measures we are taking to ensure a safe work environment for our community, I wanted to share some specific details as it relates to key changes we’ve made to our campus facilities and new operational processes that we look to implement at the outset of the new academic year.

Preparations to Date

Our Physical Plant department has been busy this summer in preparing our facilities for the new year in ways that you will notice right away when you first return to campus. 

  • Every space across both campuses has been modified to ensure appropriate levels of social distancing and compliance with reduced occupancy limits. 
  • We now have 137 wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations strategically installed across both campuses. 
  • We have installed 100 touchless paper towel dispensers strategically throughout campus where a disinfectant and hand sanitizer station will be set up by August 10. 
  • All our air filters throughout both campuses have been changed to ensure the highest MERV rating each unit can accommodate. Wherever possible, MERV 13 air filters are installed. Wherever appropriate, filters rated for healthcare or food service applications are installed. Wherever possible, filters with anti-microbial ratings are installed. (NOTE: Air handling units in Monroe Hall and the newer addition to the Law School have UV lighting as an added protection against bacteria). In line with CDC guidelines, filters will be changed at least every 90 days versus the “normal” best practice of 6 months. Outside fresh air intake has been set to the highest settings, maximizing air exchange. 
  • Hardware has been added to 90 bathroom doors to enable touchless entry/exit to high-traffic common restrooms across both campuses. 
  • By the time students return to campus, signage communicating new occupancy limits, directional flows of traffic in common area hallways, and 6 feet of distancing will be placed throughout both campuses. 

Joint Responsibility in Cleaning/Disinfection

As you prepare to return to campus, I’d like to remind you that the cleanliness and safety of our campus has always been a shared responsibility between LUPD, Physical Plant, Procurement, WFF, and each and every member of our community, including our students. However with COVID-19, this joint responsibility is more important than ever. 

To facilitate this partnership, a Building Manager (and alternate back-up) has been assigned for every building across campus for this coming academic year (see the full roster). They will serve as partners to Physical Plant and Procurement to ensure that your buildings are clean and that all the provisions needed to maintain a safe work environment are provided by the University. Reports and requests related to disinfectant and hand sanitizer supplies, plexiglass barriers, distancing measures and campus cleaning services must be made via your Building Manager, who will work with Physical Plant and Procurement to ensure timely fulfillment of the University’s needs in an organized, efficient manner. Your departments should expect to hear from your Building Manager by Monday, August 10, with information on where the closest disinfectant and hand sanitizer stations are to your classroom and/or office, other key changes to your building’s operations, and how to submit your reports/requests to him/her. 

In preparation for the new academic year, WFF has already begun to implement an expanded scope of cleaning and disinfection that meets CDC guidelines for institutions of higher education throughout our campus. In general, WFF will clean and disinfect with the following frequencies by type of space (includes all high-touch points):

  • Twice daily, Monday through Friday: All residential halls
  • Once daily, 7 days of the week: Common areas of all other buildings including Monroe Library, Danna Center, Sports Complex and Ignatius Chapel
  • Once daily, Monday through Friday: Classrooms
  • Once per week: Offices
  • As needed: Disinfection of contaminated (confirmed and probable) areas

To the extent that WFF will not be providing 24-7 services and we share in the responsibility to keep our campus clean, there will be at least 100 “common” disinfectant/sanitizer stations placed strategically throughout campus that will be maintained by Physical Plant in partnership with your Building Manager. Specifically for classrooms, the expectation is that students and faculty will disinfect their desk/lectern areas upon arrival to class as an additional measure to WFF’s services. 

To the extent that these disinfectant stations are unable to meet the needs of your department, requests for disinfectant wipes may be made via your Building Manager and will be given careful consideration. We estimate that our current on hand supply of both disinfectant and disinfectant wipes will meet the needs of the University through the end of the fall semester on campus and are actively continuing to source additional supply for the future. 

Hand Sanitizer

In addition to the wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations already installed to date, the University has an additional 75 stations on hand that can be installed upon request via your Building Manager. As referenced above, there will also be at least 100 “common” disinfectant/sanitizer stations placed strategically throughout campus that will be stocked with a gallon container of hand sanitizer. Furthermore, customer service oriented offices/operations (e.g., Post Office and Bursar’s Office) will be provided additional hand sanitizer supplies to be replenished as needed. We estimate that our current supply of hand sanitizer will meet the needs of the University through the end of the fall semester on campus and are actively continuing to source additional supply for the future. 


The University will be providing every employee with 3 cloth masks to ensure every employee’s compliance with the University’s current mask policy. These masks will be available for pick up by a department representative in Central Receiving starting Monday, August 3. You will be able to pick up your set of masks from your department when you return to campus, as directed by your supervisor. Please help us minimize our need to purchase and provide disposable masks but ensure that any and all visitors you receive on campus comply with our mask policy as well.

Please contact me or your Building Manager with any questions, concerns or suggestions as it relates to the University’s preparations and plans to ensure that we provide and maintain a safe working environment for our entire community. 

Thank you in advance for your partnership and support.


Carol Markowitz
Chief Operating Officer


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