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Employees | Operational FAQs | Payroll

If I am working remotely, how will I be paid?

As usual, you will continue to record your hours through EWS and receive payment through direct deposit.

What if I am working remotely and become sick or need to care for a sick family member and am unable to work, how will I paid?

As usual, you would record sick or family sick time on your timesheet through EWS.

If I become ill or need to care for a sick family member for three consecutive days or more, what do I do?

Contact Heather Blanchard in Human Resources at or 504.864.7896 to determine if there are any other leave regulations or policies, including FMLA, which may apply to your situation.

How will holidays and liberal leave days be handled?

We expect holidays and liberal leave days to be handled as usual in your department.

For payroll/timesheet questions, call:

  • Erica Hicks: 504.864.7343
  • Winnie Christopher: 504.864.7731
  • Donna Rochon: 504.864.7272