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COVID-19 Guide for Returning to Campus

COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges worldwide and has gravely impacted the local New Orleans community. Because of the swift decision made in March 2020 to send students home, hold the remainder of the spring classes online, and allow faculty and staff to work from home, Loyola escaped much of the direct impact faced by the larger New Orleans community (although we know that many in the Loyola community have been personally impacted by the loss and sickness of friends and family). 

Until a vaccine is created, health authorities report that COVID-19 presents an ongoing risk. For that reason, Loyola developed the following operational plans and initiatives to mitigate that risk for an on-campus return. Loyola’s plans for returning to campus will be aligned with all orders from the City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, and recommendations from the federal government and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as guidance from Ochsner Health System. The policies are also informed by Loyola’s Jesuit mission and values, not the least of which are Cura Personalis and Cura Apostolica — care for the whole person and care for the entire organization. 

This is a living document, and we will continue to update this guide as we learn more about COVID-19 and government officials release new orders. We are also prepared to take swift action if an outbreak occurs on campus in order to limit the spread and growth of the virus. We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation to make Loyola a safe and informed space.

Marquette Hall

Return to Campus Plan

In order to maintain a safe density level on campus to allow for proper social distancing practices, Loyola has outlined specific policies for students, faculty, and staff. We must all commit to making health and safety a priority as we return to campus. Please review these plans carefully.



Law Students


Faculty and Staff


Updates for Students

Plans for a Safe and Healthy Semester

College of Law

College of Law Students

We know that our College of Law students will have different questions and needs. Please take a look at our Law Student content to learn more about how we will keep our Broadway Campus safe and informed. 

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Workplace Expectations

Protocols for faculty and staff

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Guidance for Faculty

Resources and best practices

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Staffing Arrangements

Policies for scheduling and working

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Reporting Illnesses

Steps to take when faculty and staff feel unwell