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Students | International Students & Study Abroad

What is the latest update from the Center for International Education?

On April 26, 2021, SEVP and the U.S. Department of State released updated information and it will affect the F-1 or J-1 student status of our international students as follows:

  • For CONTINUING F-1 STUDENTS, it will be permitted to take more than one course online as long as you are enrolled in a full-time course load for the semester as usual.
  • If you are a NEWLY ADMITTED F-1 or J-1 STUDENT and are starting your first semester this fall, you are allowed to apply for an F-1 visa and enter the U.S., as long as you are taking at least one class which you are attending in person on campus. If you prefer to enroll in online education only, on the other hand, you would not be allowed to enter the U.S. and you would have to take your classes online from abroad.

These accommodations will remain available until Loyola will have completed its return to normal operations entirely.

As Loyola plans to offer the vast majority of courses on campus again in Fall 2021, given the substantial success of vaccination efforts in the U.S. and in New Orleans, please, note that, in general, international students will be expected to take their classes in person.

Loyola is aware that some international students might still be faced with ongoing complications due to the pandemic, such as rapidly changing travel restrictions, limited travel options, unforeseen COVID-19 outbreaks abroad, and reduced U.S. consular services.

In case you come to the conclusion that it will be increasingly difficult for you as an international student to attend your classes in person in the fall, please, reach out to the Associate Dean's office of your college and to our Center for International Education as early as possible. That will allow us to assist you efficiently and to find the class schedule and format that will work best for you for the fall.

If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact For general questions, please refer to the following FAQs.

Do I need to report my new address?

In case you move to a different address in the U.S., please, update your U.S. address in your LORA account as soon as possible and at the latest within 10 days of your move. (Go to "Personal Info -> Addresses".) Also, please, email your new address to as well.

Do I need a travel endorsement signature from the Center for International Education (CIE) to return to Loyola for the fall or summer term?

Before your trip to return to New Orleans, please, check the Travel Endorsement signature from CIE on page 2 of your form I-20. It needs to be less than 12 months old by the time you will re-enter the U.S. If you need a new signature, please, email CIE ( to receive an updated form I-20. During the pandemic, CIE is sending electronically signed forms I-20 by email which are valid documents.

  • J-1 students would have to contact CIE by email ( regarding a new Travel Validation signature on their form DS-2019.
  • J-1 Scholars/Professors should check their form DS-2019 to see if they need a new travel validation signature. It needs to be less than 12 months old by the time you will re-enter the U.S.

Where can I find information about res life and dining services? 

Please carefully review the different sections of this FAQ:

Will I have to quarantine when I travel to Loyola from outside the United States?

There is no mandatory self-quarantine for new arrivals in Louisiana, and Loyola does not have a mandatory quarantine policy. Get more information about Loyola's COVID-19 prevention plan

Does my LewerMark Health Plan cover COVID-19 related cases?

If you are enrolled in the Loyola health insurance plan provided by the LewerMark Health Insurance, you can find essential information on the coverage for COVID-19 related cases on our CIE website.

COVID-19 testing without symptoms or exposure is covered under the 'Wellness Benefit' of the LewerMark plan.

COVID-19 testing with symptoms, as well as treatment of COVID-19 illnesses, are included in the general coverage for illnesses.

How can I reach CIE?

CIE remains open and you will primarily be able to communicate with us by email: 

  • You can reach Dittmar Dittrich, the Assistant Director for International Student & Scholar Services, by:

I want to make an appointment to talk with an advisor about Study Abroad. How does that work now?

We will continue to accept appointment requests via our Study Abroad portal. Whether with Peer Advisors or CIE staff, all appointments will be conducted remotely via phone or other videoconference systems. If you request an appointment, please include 1) your preferred method of connecting and 2) your corresponding contact info. Otherwise, the appointment will be conducted via Zoom. Click here to make an appointment.

How do I find the most up-to-date information regarding my program’s status?

Check your Loyola email regularly for communications from CIE. You are also more than welcome to reach out to Wyatt Boykin (Study Abroad Advisor) or Mariette Thomas (CIE Director) with any questions or concerns.

How do I find the most up-to-date information regarding my host country’s travel advisory status?

Please pay close attention to your host country’s travel advisory status through the WHO, the CDC, and the U.S. Department of State.

What does my Study Abroad insurance cover?

If you receive insurance coverage through Loyola (LewerMark), you can get policy details and directions on how to access your benefits here. If you receive insurance coverage through ISEP, you can get policy details here. If you receive insurance coverage through your host country or host program, you must check with your policy provider.

What is the status of my Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 program?

Currently, your program is still scheduled to run as planned. However, we strongly urge you to register for classes here at Loyola. In the event that your program is canceled, you will have a backup plan in place. Furthermore, if you are planning to participate in an ISEP or non-Loyola program, CIE strongly urges you to clarify the terms of refund.

Does CIE have a final decision date for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022?

Unfortunately, the pandemic situation is fluid. Our plan is to periodically reassess the outlook for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 programs. Following these reassessments, CIE will send out an update email to all outbound students.

I have a question that is not answered here. Who do I contact?

Please reach out first to either Mariette Thomas (CIE Director) or Wyatt Boykin (Study Abroad Advisor) with any questions that are not explicitly addressed here.

Students | COVID-19 Testing

I’m unvaccinated. Am I required to get tested prior to move-in or attending classes?

Yes, you are required to submit a negative COVID test result dated within 72 hours prior to or upon arrival on campus. If you don’t have access to testing at your current locations, we will have testing available on-site at Loyola. You cannot resume in-person classes until your negative test result has been approved. 

Self-administered rapid testing is available upon arrival through Student Health for unvaccinated students:

  • Pick up an Ellume test at the Student Affairs suite, room 205, second floor above Starbucks in the Danna Center, available M – F, 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m., Sept 13 – 17
  • Administer the test yourself following the instructions
  • Download the app to interpret your results
  • Upload results into the Public Health Portal (it can take up to 24 hours to verify your results)
  • If you need immediate assistance/clearance/compliance verification, the Public Health team will be on-site M – F, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in the Student Affairs suite, room 205, second floor directly above Starbucks in the Danna Center

I’m fully vaccinated. Am I required to get tested prior to arrival on campus?

No. However, if you begin to experience any symptoms of COVID, or if you are concerned about a potential exposure at any point prior to your scheduled return date, please do not return to campus. Get tested at your current location. 

Please continue to email to report positive COVID results or confirmed exposures. If you need assistance in finding a testing site, the public health team is happy to help. You can schedule a virtual visit with them for help with testing or any other questions you may have. 

For your first week back, we recommend that you limit activities to essential functions like going to medical appointments, getting groceries, and picking up personal care items. We also recommend that you limit the number of people you’re around outside of your household and maintain social distance, as evacuation travel increases the possibility of exposure to COVID. As always, if you begin to experience any symptoms of COVID, please call SHS at 504.865.3326 for testing and evaluation.

Where can I get tested prior to arrival on campus?

If you would like to get tested prior to arrival on campus, you may go to any local pharmacy or community site offering testing.

How do I log into Loyola’s Public Health Portal?

Go to the Public Health Portal or access the portal from the "Quick Links" page through your Single Sign On (SSO) by clicking on the "Medicat Public Health Portal" button. You'll be asked to log in using the following credentials: 

  • Your username is your full Loyola email address. For example:  
  • Your password is your Microsoft password. If you have changed your Microsoft password, use what you changed it to. If you have not yet changed your Microsoft password, the default password is the first two letters of your first name, followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number, then an uppercase LU. For example: abXXXXLU 

If you cannot sign in, go to to reset your Microsoft password. If you need assistance, please email using your loyno email address or call the Help Desk at 504.865.2255.

How do I add my test results to the portal?

Uploading test results on the portal:

  • Log into Loyola’s Public Health Portal (if you need help logging in, check this page)
  • Click the “Upload” tab in the navigation 
  • Scroll down to the section that says “Documents available to be uploaded:
  • Choose the document you are uploading in the "Choose document you are uploading" drop down menu: “Post IDA - COVID-19 Test Result
  • Click Select File and locate the file on your computer or smartphone.
  • Click the Upload button. The document will be listed below as a confirmation that the test results were successfully uploaded.

If your results are positive, call SHS at 504.865.3326 during business hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., or LUPD after hours or on weekends at 504.865.3434.

Students | Office of Accessible Education

How will I receive accommodations for the academic year?

The Office for Accessible Education will work with students who have diagnoses that require reasonable accommodations. Please contact the Office for Accessible Education if you have any concerns about returning to campus for classes or anxiety around online courses. The OAE works with all colleges to provide all-online schedules where they are needed.

How do I contact my accessibility counselor?

Continue to make appointments through the OAE webpage. Your counselor can visit with you via phone, Google Meet, or Zoom. The method for your meeting will be emailed to you via YouCanBookMe.

What if I don’t have a laptop or access to wifi?

WiFi is available to all local students in common campus spaces. A limited number of WiFi hotspots and laptops have been purchased through the Father James Carter Digital Equity fund. If you are in need of a device, please contact Ms. Laurie Phillips at or submit a request through the BIT report form.

Can I get an accommodation for a food allergy?

Yes, please email for food accommodations.

What is Aira?

Aira is a service that helps low vision or blind individuals navigate the world and complete daily tasks. Using a smartphone application, users connect to a remote, highly-trained agent who can see the user’s surroundings through the phone’s camera and offer assistance. It is available for free to anyone on Loyola University New Orleans’ campus.

How can I access Aira?

Anyone on our campus, including students, staff, faculty, and visitors, can use the Aira service by downloading the free Aira app on their smartphone and connecting to a trained agent through the app. You must enable location services in the app to gain unlimited access on our campus.


What type of help can Aira provide?

Aira agents can see the user’s surroundings through their smartphone camera and describe the setting. Some other examples of how Aira agents can help include:

  • Finding a classroom or building on campus
  • Reading signage or information on a bulletin board
  • Locating elevators, stairs, and doors
  • Assisting with electronics and technical support
  • Accessing public transportation and shuttles 

As we’ve made many new changes to our campus environment and social distancing protocols, Aira will be even more helpful for those with visual differences. Agents can help users navigate waiting areas and follow social distancing and directional markers.

Can I access Aira off campus?

Aira services are unlimited on campus and free for the first 5 minutes for off-campus calls.

Students | Student Health

What services are available to students?

The Student Health Services (SHS) clinic is open by appointment only. Students can call SHS at 504.865.3326, available Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. See a list of services offered at the clinic. 

For after-hours consultations, students can call the Ochsner COVID info hotline 24/7 at 844.888.2772. Loyola's Virtual Wellness Center is located in the Danna Center for students to speak virtually with a health care provider using the Ochsner Anywhere Care app. Access the Ochsner Anywhere app from your phone or laptop 24/7. Virtual visits are free using the Ochsner Anywhere Care App and the Loyola coupon codes LUSTUDENT, LUFACULTY, or LUSTAFF.

Is COVID testing available at Student Health Services?

Testing is available at the Student Health Clinic for Loyola community members who are symptomatic or have potential exposure to COVID-19. Call SHS at 504.865.3326 to schedule an appointment for COVID testing. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m to 4:45 p.m., closed for university holidays.

  • Students are given a full medical assessment in their appointment, including but not limited to, rapid antigen COVID testing, as indicated. 
  • As the schedule permits, faculty and staff can receive rapid antigen COVID testing and recommendations for further assessment and care.

After Hours/Weekend Care:

What protocols will the health clinic follow in relation to COVID-19?

Loyola University partners with Ochsner Health System to operate our health clinic. Our student health team follows protocols established by Ochsner, Louisiana Department of Health, and the CDC. Our model has changed to appointment only instead of walk-in/first come first serve. Students will be required to complete virtual paperwork prior to arrival and follow these guidelines for the appointments: 

  1. No visitors or friends will be allowed in the clinic with you.
  2. You must wear a face mask to enter the clinic and keep the mask on unless advised otherwise.

Should I contact SHS if I experience COVID-19 symptoms?

Yes, students experiencing COVID symptoms should call SHS at 504.865.3326 for a telephone screening, available M–F from 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. SHS will determine whether COVID testing is indicated and schedule a time for the student to get tested at the clinic. After hours or on weekends, students who are symptomatic should contact the Ochsner COVID info hotline at 844.888.2772.

You should also report your symptoms in Loyola's Public Health Portal to alert our Public Health team. 

What if I test positive for COVID-19?

If a student tests positive for COVID-19,  they should call SHS at 504.865.3326 immediately, available Monday – Friday, 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. If a student tests positive or receives the notification of exposure to coronavirus after hours or on weekends when Student Health is closed, LUPD will be on call to help connect the student to necessary resources. Call LUPD at 504.865.3434, available 4:45 p.m. – 8 p.m. during the week and 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on weekends.

You should also report your positive test result in Loyola's Public Health Portal to alert our Public Health team and begin the contact tracing process. 

If a student falls ill due to COVID-19, will SHS be able to transfer them to a hospital?

Students in self-isolation should follow all recommendations of their health care provider, which may include hospitalization if a higher level of care is required. Examples of symptoms that require a higher level of care include hypoxia (low oxygen levels), shortness of breath, uncontrolled fever, and/or dehydration.

How is Loyola planning to handle seasonal flu cases or typical illnesses?

Student Health Services is strongly encouraging students to receive their annual flu shot vaccination. Flu shots will be available in Student Health Services during flu season. The Loyola community will be notified via email when the flu vaccine is available in clinic. Students can also receive their flu shot at any nearby pharmacy.

In addition, we will be swabbing students for the flu and treating them the same as we have in the past. We will write prescriptions for Tamiflu if indicated and give them school notes to miss classes if needed. We will continue to offer our regular health services by appointment only.

Students | University Counseling Center

How will I meet with my counselor?

The University Counseling Center (UCC) will continue to offer remote counseling in the fall and will resume in-person appointments when safe to do so and will follow appropriate health protocols.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled by calling 504.865.3835, Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

What if I am experiencing a mental health crisis?

Students can call our counselor on-call 24/7 at 504.865.3835. If you are on-campus and require immediate assistance, please call LUPD at 504.865.3434.

What other resources is the UCC providing?

View a full list of services offered by the UCC and review the virtual self care guide. Follow @loynohealthadvocates on Instagram for self-care and mental health tips and support!

If you are a student experiencing stress or concerns related to basic needs or challenges outside of the classroom, please fill out this form. Loyola partnered with Inside Track, our trusted coaching partner, to expand our support to students during these unprecedented times. Students looking for resources like food, insurance, housing, and adjustment to online classes can reach in for an on-demand coaching session. Inside Track coaches are equipped to support students from any location.  

Are there any spiritual-based counseling services available?

Yes. Please contact Student Life and Ministry at 504.865.3622 or to request an appointment.

Students | Student Life & Ministry/DSC

What programs/events will be occurring?

The Department of Student Life and Ministry has been working very hard to create innovative and safe engagement opportunities on campus. We have virtual events as well as in-person programming following university and city safety guidelines. We are being very creative in how we continue to support important student engagement opportunities such as Fraternity and Sorority life, student organizations, and leadership formation opportunities. Check out our calendar of virtual and in-person programming on HowlConnect and search our directory of student organizations. For questions, please contact Student Life and Ministry at 504.865.3622 or

Will the Danna Student Center be open?

The Danna Student Center will be open daily 7 a.m. – 2 a.m. 

Will Iggy’s Cupboard remain open?

Iggy’s Cupboard will remain open by appointment (Monday – Friday noon to 7 p.m., weekends noon to 5 p.m.) to any member of Loyola's community that may need a little extra help. Schedule a time to visit online. Please book an appointment at least two hours in advance.

Students | Academics and Tuition

How will courses be offered for the Fall 2021 semester?

Following all public health guidance, we plan to have classes in person at full capacity in the fall. All students who will spend any amount of time on campus are required to submit COVID-19 vaccination documentation or an exemption request no later than July 16, 2021. We will continue to use our established processes through Human Resources and the Office for Accessible Education to request ADA accommodations. Where possible, we will continue to make use of our classroom technology to facilitate virtual participation by those students. Plans are subject to change pending current public health guidance from city and state officials. 

What if I get sick and fall behind on my coursework?

First and foremost, we want all Loyola students and community members to remain safe, healthy, and well. In the event that you fall sick, your first priority should be to get better. Faculty will be flexible about attendance rules and work with students who are ill.

I have a health condition that makes me more vulnerable to COVID-19. What options will I have for taking courses?

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE) can work with students who have health conditions that require official accommodation. Please contact the OAE if you have any concerns about returning to campus for classes. The OAE works with all colleges to provide all-online schedules where they are needed.

Students | Dining

What safety measures will you take for dining services?

In partnership with our food provider, Sodexo, Loyola will continue to enact proven precautions and safety practices, combined with transparent and ongoing communication, to offer healthy, safe, and delicious dining options on campus. The campus dining team is taking every precaution to deliver safe, high-quality food in a carefully controlled environment, including requiring personal protective equipment, frequent hand washing, and illness protocol. We will have expanded options for carryout orders and use touchless technology for transactions. We will continue to follow all state and local government guidelines.

How do I order dining services for pickup?

You can connect your campus meal plan to your Grubhub account and order through the app. Follow these instructions:

  • Download the Grubhub app in the App Store or Google Play
  • Create an account or log into your account if you already have one
  • On your “My Grubhub” account page, select the Settings (gear) icon in the top right corner
  • Once in your Settings, click on the “Campus Dining” option
  • Search for Loyola University New Orleans 
  • Select your affiliation (i.e., “Class of 2023” or “I am faculty / staff”) 
  • Click the “Add campus card” button to sign in through your SSO Portal and connect your meal plan to your Grubhub account

Can I use my daily swipe on my meal plan through Grubhub?

Yes, if you have a block or weekly meal plan, you can place a pickup order at the Orleans Room using your “daily swipe” in your meal plan.

Can I use Wolf Bucks through Grubhub?

Yes! You may also use your Wolf Bucks to place orders at any on-campus dining establishment on Grubhub.

What is Iggy Deaux?

Iggy Deaux are retail dollars that can be added into dining plans. They can be used anywhere Grubhub is accepted. When purchasing a dining plan, Iggy Deaux can be added in increments of $100 to enhance the off-campus dining experience. You can also use Iggy Deaux at on-campus dining establishments if you are running low on Wolf Bucks.

How do I add Iggy Deaux to my meal plan account?

You can add Iggy Deaux to your meal plan account in $100 increments. We will provide a form to add Iggy Deaux available on this page soon.

Does Iggy Deaux expire?

Iggy Deaux will carry over between semesters and school years while you are a student at Loyola University New Orleans. It expires after you graduate.

Where do I pick up my Grubhub order for the Orleans Room?

GrubHub pick up will be located inside the Orleans Room.

Where do I pick up my Grubhub order for Starbucks?

Find your order from the Starbucks pickup shelf next to the coffee bar.

Where do I pick up my Grubhub order for Subway, OBC Grill, Smoothie King, or AFC Sushi?

All pickup orders for these retail establishments will be located at the retail location it is ordered from.

Will food allergy accommodations be met?

Yes, we make it a priority to offer foods that meet your dietary and allergy requirements. Sodexo will have grab-n-go options available to address common food-allergy reactions to milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. If you require an official food accommodation, please email

Is dining open to the general public?

Dining on campus will be open to the public. We will follow state and local guidelines.

Will cross campus dining be suspended?

Our dining reciprocity program in partnership with Tulane will continue in the fall, but could be subject to pause due to Covid-19 protocols.

Students | Athletics & USC

Is the University Sports Complex open?

The University Sports Complex (USC) is open with the following facility operating the hours:

  • Monday–Friday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sunday: 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.  

Download the app MemberMe+ to stay up to date with the USC schedule!

Apple Store

Google Play

What changes have you made to the University Sports Complex?

  • Masks are required at all times while in the University Sports Complex.
  • Cardio equipment has been appropriately socially distanced and maximum occupancy has been posted for the swimming pool, weight rooms, aerobics room, and locker rooms. 
  • Outside guests are permitted at the gym for a fee. 
  • Guests are encouraged to bring your own towel, yoga mat, basketball, etc. Towel services will be available starting during the Fall 2021 semester. 
  • Guests are responsible for sanitizing equipment before and after each use.
  • We ask that everyone maintain social distance while working out and navigating the facility.  

Per requirements from the City of New Orleans, anyone 12 years of age and older must provide proof of at least one dose of an approved COVID vaccine or negative PCR test within 72 hours in order to access the University Sports Complex and any on-site fitness classes.

What are the USC swimming pool guidelines?

Please follow these protocols when using the USC swimming pool:

  • Maximum capacity of three people per lane.
  • Odd-numbered lanes enter from the starting block side, even number lanes enter from the bulkhead.
  • Maximum capacity of seven people in the shallow end.
  • 15 people allowed on deck at once, with social distancing required.
  • 9 people on the terrace at once, with social distancing required.
  • Those not swimming must wear masks.

Who can I contact with general questions about the University Sports Complex?

Facility questions can be addressed to Damali Thomas at or 504.864.7106. Also, you can call the front desk of the facility at 504.864.7539 and the building manager on duty at 504.864.7367 while the facility is open.

Students | Residential Life

Can I mail items directly to my residence hall before move-in day?

Yes, but no more than 2 boxes will be accepted per resident. Please limit the size of the box to no larger than 24" x 18" x 24" (W x L x H) or 6 cu/ft. Please use the resident’s full legal name and the following address:

Full Legal Name

200 LaSalle Ct.

New Orleans, LA 70118

You can find more information, including details about early drop-off programs, on this page.

Can I request a single room instead of my current room placement?

​If you would prefer a single room, please contact Residential Life at or call 504.865.2445 and we will place you on the wish list. We can't guarantee that we can fulfill every request at this time. 

Will I have to wear a mask inside my residence hall?

Following city and state mandates, students will be required to wear masks in community spaces and when around other students. 

Will there be a curfew for residence halls?

No, we will not have a curfew at this time.

If I decide mid-semester that I feel unsafe and want to move back home and continue my studies remotely, will I get a housing refund?

We are determined, unless circumstances make it impossible, to keep residence halls open this year. Your housing contract functions like any lease for off-campus housing would. If you yourself choose to leave campus or go elsewhere past the fifth week of classes using our normal prorated credit policy, we will not issue refunds. Learn more about our policies for Canceling Housing

If the residence halls undergo a mandated shutdown by city, state or federal officials, then a prorated credit will be applied to student accounts for the duration of the shut down. For example, if state officials require Loyola to close the residence halls for two weeks and then reopen, residential students would receive a two-week room credit. 

Will there be a residential assistant (RA) to support students on each floor?

Yes, we are maintaining our typical staffing model of one RA per floor/wing community.

Will I be able to safely isolate in the residence halls if I test positive for COVID-19?

Yes, we have a designated COVID isolation ward for students living on campus to safely complete a mandated isolation period if they test positive for COVID-19. If you choose this option for isolation, you will be required to stay in your assigned isolation room, except to use the restroom, for the duration of your isolation. Meals will be delivered to you. Laundry service will also be provided via pickup and delivery service, as you will not be able to utilize common area laundry facilities. Certified Nursing Assistants will check on your daily in person, and SHS will check in with you daily about your symptoms via telephone or video chat. You are required to answer these calls, and to follow all health recommendations, including regular symptom checks, and any recommendation that you be transported to the hospital.  

Check our what to expect in quarantine/isolation page for more information.

What will students need to bring if they need to move to the COVID isolation ward?

They should pack a bag with essentials. They will need to bring a pillow, towel, items they need for class, personal items, preferred snacks, and any medications they need. Bed linens will be provided. We will deliver continental breakfast and serve hot meals twice daily from the dining hall. Laundry and mail services will be provided. SHS will call them daily to check on them.

How can I contact Residential Life?

Residential Life is available for phone and/or video appointments to assist students. Email or call 504.865.2445 if you have any questions about your housing plan. After the start of the semester, in-person appointments will be available upon request on a limited basis.