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Students | Student Life & Ministry/DSC

What programs/events will be occurring?

The Department of Student Life and Ministry has been working very hard to create innovative and safe engagement opportunities on campus. We have virtual events as well as in-person programming following university and city safety guidelines. We are being very creative in how we continue to support important student engagement opportunities such as Fraternity and Sorority life, student organizations, and leadership formation opportunities. Check out our calendar of virtual and in-person programming on HowlConnect and search our directory of student organizations, who are recruiting both in person and virtual members.

Are there any virtual engagement offerings?

Yes, check out HowlConnect or your Corq app to see current virtual events. Our calendar of virtual and in-person programming is available on HowlConnect. Also, check out the Student Life and Ministry (@loyno_slm) and SGA (@loyno_sga) instagram pages to stay up to date with engagement opportunities.

Will the Danna Student Center be open?

The Danna Student Center will be open daily 7 a.m. – 2 a.m. 

How will the Bookstore operate for students to return rented textbooks from the fall semester?

Rented textbooks are due back the last day of finals: December 18, 2020.  If you don't need it, return it. If you need it, keep it.

If you are done with your rented textbook, turn it in to the Bookstore BEFORE you leave in November. IF YOU DON'T NEED IT, RETURN IT.

If you need it for finals, keep it. You will get an email with instructions sent to the address you used when you ordered your rented textbooks. IF YOU NEED IT, KEEP IT and follow instructions to return after finals.

Questions? Contact the Bookstore at

How will the Bookstore operate for students to purchase/rent spring textbooks?

The Bookstore again will offer contactless delivery of all textbooks. This time, however, the Bookstore will carry the textbooks, allowing for faster updates to faculty and faster fulfillment of textbooks of online orders (2-3 days instead of 2-3 weeks). Also, have your textbooks shipped either to your off-campus address or for in-store pick up.

Again, students should order as soon as possible. Students can find and order textbooks in LORA by pulling up their class schedule OR on the Bookstore website by searching for classes.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Bookstore at

Will Iggy’s Cupboard remain open?

Iggy’s Cupboard will remain open by appointment (Monday – Friday noon to 7 p.m., weekends noon to 5 p.m.) to any member of Loyola's community that may need a little extra help. Schedule a time to visit online. Please book an appointment at least two hours in advance.

I am a member of Fraternity and Sorority Life. How will this affect me?

Student Life and Ministry will work closely with national organizations and chapter advisors to assist in providing support to members during this time. The Department of Student Life and Ministry, in partnership with our Fraternity and Sorority Life chapters, has been working very hard to create innovative and safe engagement opportunities. All chapters will have virtual events. Some chapters, who have been granted approval from both their nationals and the university, will have in-person programming following university and city safety guidelines. Lastly, chapters are permitted to host recruitment or intake processes with approval from their national headquarters and the university.

For specific questions, please contact Dale O’Neill, PhD, Director of Student Life and Ministry via email at or by phone at 504.865.3622.

Are there any spiritual-based counseling services available?

Yes. Please contact Student Life and Ministry at 504.865.3622 or to request an appointment.

Will my student organization be allowed to travel during the school year?

The university (e.g. SGA) will not approve or provide funding for any travel for individuals or student organizations (e.g. to attend conferences). Students are expected to remain in the New Orleans area during the Spring 2021 semester, refraining from unnecessary travel.

What about Immersion Programs and Summer Programs?

Currently, all university-related international travel is suspended. Student Life and Ministry will notify students when this restriction is lifted and Immersion programs continue.

Will Mass still be celebrated on campus?

Loyola will continue to offer Masses on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in Ignatius Chapel (live stream or attend in-person by signing up ahead of time) and at 9 p.m. in Holy Name of Jesus Church (download the CORQ app to be admitted or live stream).