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Students | Residential Life

What is the timeline and process for Fall 2020 move-in?

Move-in will take place August 17-21 for first year students and August 17-22 for returning upperclass students.

  • Students will be able to select a 2-hour time slot for move-in.
  • Please plan to only arrive within 15 minutes of your check in time. If you arrive early, you will be asked to wait for your designated check in time.
  • To check in, students will drive up to our designated drive-in check-in location.
  • After receiving your check-in, you will be directed to a parking garage.
  • At the parking garage, you will park in a designated parking spot that will come with a bin.
  • During this 2-hour window, you will be able to unload your cars and use the elevators.
  • After this 2-hour window, you will have to move your car to an upper floor. You will be able to use their stairs, but cannot use the elevator until after 5 p.m. Please note, elevators can be used by people with physical needs at any time during move-in. 

If you would like to delay your on-campus move for a few weeks, we are happy to facilitate that for you. You could start classes online (or commute if you live nearby) and then come join us in the residence halls. 

Students may opt for two delayed weekend arrival dates:

  • Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20
  • Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4

Please use this link no later than 24 hours before your scheduled move-in day to let us know if you are choosing to delay your arrival.

Why is Loyola offering the delayed move in option so close to move-in?

We’ve had a number of late inquiries from students and families who want to get started academically online and then join the residential community in a few weeks and who are not interested in being remote the entire semester, as some students have opted.

If I come later, will it affect what room I am assigned to?

No. You will have the same room and roommate assignments. There may be small shifts in our plans – as there usually are early in the semester – but that would affect very few students, and residence life staff will work with students in that event.

Will I have an assigned move in time for my updated move in date?

Yes! We will be in touch with you soon about those options.

I have a big case of FOMO and I am worried that it will be too late to make friends and get involved if I delay my start. How can I stay engaged?

We designed all of our engagement activities to be inclusive of those students who are studying remotely this semester. Our orientation modules are mandatory and online and our new student programs are a mix of virtual and in-person. Join us for a virtual involvement fair on September 8. More details to follow. These opportunities will continue to expand so check back here, early and often. Our New Student Resource Guide will keep you in the know about support and resources. Sign in to your HowlConnect account to see a full listing of student organizations, access forms, view events, and so much more.

If I live close enough to commute, could I come to classes in person and then move into the residence halls later?


Will this affect my financial aid?

Delayed move in should not impact your financial aid as long as you are attending classes (either virtually or in person). If you have any questions or concerns about your financial aid, please email us at

How does the prorated credit work?

We will apply a credit to your bill for the amount of weeks you are not in the residence halls. The amount varies depending on the type of room assignment (see table). The prorated amount of your chosen meal plan will be reflected on your account as additional Wolf Bucks. These changes will appear on your account in mid- to late-October.

Per Semester Rates Double3 Single3 Credit for September Move In Double Credit for September Move In Single Credit Amount for October Move In Double Credit Amount for October Move In Single
Biever Hall $3,814 $4,937 $1,103.22 $1,428.06 $1,544.51 $1,999.28
Buddig Hall $3,814 $4,937 $1,103.22 $1,428.06 $1,544.51 $1,999.28
Cabra Hall Apartments $4,572 $4,961 $1,322.48 $1,435.00 $1,851.47 $2,009.00
Carrollton Hall Suites $3,945 $4,937 $1,41.12.12 $1,428.06 $1,597.56 $1,999.28
Carrollton Hall Apartments $4,417 $4,961 $1,277.64 $1,435.00 $1,788.70 $2,009.00
Founders Hall Suites   $4,937   $1,428.06   $1,999.28

What if I decide to do delayed-move in and then decide to go remote the entire semester? Will I get a credit to my bill?

In order to make delayed move-in work, we have to hold your room for you. Our normal prorated cancellation policy can be found here and will begin the first week of move-in, regardless of whether you are on campus or not. Your room is there and waiting for you. While you will not be charged for the weeks you are not physically in your room, we cannot extend or alter our refund and proration policies. It is important to note that after week 5 there are no refunds or credits, even if you have not moved in, unless Loyola is forced by the pandemic to close all of its residence halls.

Will I have to quarantine when I come to campus?

We are asking all students to self-quarantine for two weeks prior to coming to campus. You would only need to quarantine after arriving on campus in response to any new exposure.

Does the delayed move in option change the amount of tuition or fees that I owe?

No. Tuition and fees remain the same and the academic year remains the same. The only changes to your bill would be in the form of credits for room and changes to Wolf Bucks.

I have three fully online classes and two hyflex classes this semester. How does the delayed move-in option affect my in-person courses?

Your HyFlex classes are designed for just this sort of decision and professors have carefully planned all of their courses to accommodate students who are not able to attend in person for a time. You can attend virtually and then enter the in-person rotation when you arrive on campus. When you share your intention to opt for delayed move-in, this information will be shared with your Associate Dean and instructors.

I have an on ground, in person lab or class this semester. Can I do the delayed move in?

Our commitment to you is that COVID-19 will not impact your path to timely graduation. We have students in labs and other in person courses who have recognized accommodations that allow them to work remotely. For this reason, it is possible that this option is available to you as well. That said, you should contact your Associate Dean to discuss your plans so that we can be sure to inform you of all options available to you.

​How many family members can help me move into my residence hall room on move-in day?

Students can bring up to two family members to help during their designated move-in time slot.

Can I mail items directly to my residence hall before move-in day?

Yes, but no more than 2 boxes will be accepted per resident. Please limit the size of the box to no larger than 24" x 18" x 24" (W x L x H) or 6 cu/ft. Please use the resident’s full legal name and the following address:

Full Legal Name

200 LaSalle Ct.

New Orleans, LA 70118

Items shipped by August 1 will be delivered to the resident’s room. Any items received from August 10-21 are not guaranteed to be delivered to the resident’s room. You can find more information, including details about early drop-off programs, on this page.

Can I request a single room instead of my current room placement?

​If you would prefer a single room, please contact Residential Life at or call 504.865.2445 and we will place you on the wish list. We can't guarantee that we can fulfill every request at this time. 

Is the Alder Hotel still an option for upperclassmen?

Yes, we are still housing students at the Alder who want to stay there. Some upperclass students have also been able to come back to residence halls as rooms are made available. 

Will housing rates be discounted because students are going home after Thanksgiving?

No. Housing contracts are annual. While you will be in the residence halls for a shorter amount of time in the fall semester, the residence halls will be available to you earlier in the spring for our January term.

Will I have to wear a mask inside my residence hall?

Students will be required to wear masks in community spaces. They will not be required to wear them in their room, but it is highly encouraged for students to do so, unless sleeping. 

How will you keep residence halls safe for the Fall 2020 semester?

Loyola, like many other universities, has made the decision to reduce the density in our residence halls to minimize risk of infection spread. We will also implement enhanced cleaning protocols in all common spaces and restrooms. We will be cleaning common area/community bathrooms twice daily. Additionally, cleaning supplies will be available in common areas so that students may sanitize before and after use, particularly those with high touch surfaces. We will not be cleaning internal suites or apartment bathrooms. Students will self clean those. 

How will you check if students show symptoms in the residence halls?

We are using the #CampusClear symptom checker app. We will make sure students report symptoms, take their own temperature, and stay home if they feel unwell. All students living in residence halls will receive guidance and frequent check-ins from residence hall assistants (RAs). All students at Loyola will complete COVID-19 education before returning to campus.

Will there be a curfew for residence halls?

No, we will not have a curfew at this time.

Are we allowed to have visitors on campus in the resident halls?

We will not allow outside visitors or visitors between residence halls. You can review our Campus Visitor Policy to learn about general requirements for visitors on campus.

Are returning students still getting a housing credit this semester since they left campus early in March?

Yes. Credits were applied to student accounts in April. Some families used the credit against this fall bill and others requested a refund.  

If I am living on campus will I be able to travel during the school year?

All students living in on-campus or off-campus housing during the Fall 2020 semester will be expected to remain in the New Orleans area during the semester, refraining from unnecessary travel until we go home at Thanksgiving. If you must travel for other reasons, we ask that you continue to carefully follow Loyola's social distancing guidelines wherever you go.

When will residence halls close for Thanksgiving?

They will close the day before Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 25.

If I decide mid-semester that I feel unsafe and want to move back home and continue my studies remotely, will I get a housing refund?

We are determined, unless circumstances make it impossible, to keep residence halls open this year. Your housing contract functions like any lease for off-campus housing would. If you yourself choose to leave campus or go elsewhere past the fifth week of classes using our normal prorated credit policy, we will not issue refunds. Learn more about our policies for Canceling Housing

If the residence halls undergo a mandated shutdown by city, state or federal officials, then a prorated credit will be applied to student accounts for the duration of the shut down. For example, if state officials require Loyola to close the residence halls for two weeks and then reopen, residential students would receive a two-week room credit. 

If I cancel my fall housing, can I re-apply for housing in the spring?

Students who are cancelling their housing for the fall and plan to study remotely will be eligible to re-apply for housing in the spring semester. Applications will be available in October. Students will not be guaranteed their same assignment, but we anticipate being able to house all students who had a fall assignment in the spring semester. 

Will there be a residential advisor (RA) to support students on each floor?

Yes, we are maintaining our typical staffing model of one RA per floor/wing community.

Will I be able to safely isolate in the residence halls if I test positive for COVID-19?

Yes, we have a designated COVID isolation ward for students living on campus to safely complete a mandated isolation period if they test positive for COVID-19. If you choose this option for isolation, you will be required to stay in your assigned isolation room, except to use the restroom, for the duration of your isolation. Meals will be delivered to you. Laundry service will also be provided via pickup and delivery service, as you will not be able to utilize common area laundry facilities. There is no nurse on the premises, but SHS will check in with you daily about your symptoms via telephone or video chat. You are required to answer these calls, and to follow all health recommendations, including regular symptom checks, and any recommendation that you be transported to the hospital.   

What will students need to bring if they need to move to the COVID isolation ward?

They should pack a bag with essentials. They will need to bring linens for the rooms and any medications they need. We will deliver meals and offer laundry services. SHS will call them daily to check on them.

How can I contact Residential Life?

Residential Life is available for phone and/or video appointments to assist students. Email or call 504.865.2445 if you have any questions about your housing plan for Fall 2020. After the start of the semester, in-person appointments will be available upon request on a limited basis.