Students | Credits and Refunds

How did you determine my prorated room credit?

Room credits were determined by the remainder of the weeks left in the semester based on the week when you officially checked out of campus housing.  We used the dates of March 16th and March 23rd. For example, if you checked out of housing on Saturday, March 14th your credit was based on the week ending March 16th.  We are not able to offer prorated credits to the day, unfortunately, since we do not have accurate data for all students who checked out and due to the manual nature of the credit process. 

How did you determine my prorated meal plan/board credit?

For residential students, we used the same approach outline above in determining the end date for your meal plan—either March 16th or March 23rd, depending on the week you checked out.  For commuter students, we used the date of March 16th to take a snapshot of your remaining balance for a prorated credit. We based the credit on those dates, less any obligated expenses for the remainder of March that the University had to our food services contractor, Sodexo.

Why didn’t you determine the prorated room and board credit based on the exact date of my departure?

It feels like a long time ago now, but the weeks after our announcement of moving to online, followed by the closure of much of campus, were an absolute blur of activity. Several students left for the safety of home without letting Residential Life know, so we don’t have accurate move out dates for many of our students. There are many permutations of meal plans and room rates. A team of staff members from Student Financial Services, Residential Life, Financial Aid, Finance, and Information Systems has been meeting and planning how best to do this. This is a manual process and the team determined refunds to the day could not be done accurately.

I still owe a balance even after my prorated credits. What should I do?

Students who have remaining balances should contact Student Financial Services. They can be reached at

Why did you decide to do credits rather than refunds?

In conversation with other Jesuit Colleges and Universities and with local and regional schools, most have decided to issue credits to the Fall 2020 semester bill. Unlike some colleges and universities that are only providing credits, we have a process for requesting a refund.

How do I ask for a refund?

Refunds can be requested using this link.

How long will a refund take?

We will be processing these requests as quickly as possible. Refunds are processed daily. 

Direct deposits will appear in your bank account 3-5 business days after appearing in your student account.

Checks will be mailed every Wednesday. We encourage all students to opt for direct deposit.

How will I receive my refund? Check or direct deposit?

If you currently have an eRefund profile set up in the eCommerce system, you will receive your refund as a direct deposit to your bank account on file. If not, a paper check will be mailed to your permanent address on file in LORA. Please ensure that your address is correct in LORA.

If you would like to set up an eRefund profile in eCommerce, you can do that by visiting eCommerce. Click here for detailed instructions on setting up an eRefund profile.

I think my credit is incorrect. What should I do?

Please read all of the FAQs to learn more about how the credit was calculated. If you continue to have concerns, please contact Student Financial Services at

Can I donate my credit to a hardship fund?

Yes. Several members of our community have asked how they can help students in need. Please use this link: Give - Loyola University to make a donation. Thank you!

Who do I call if I need general assistance or if my question is not answered here?

Please call or email Student Financial Services at 504.865.3337 or

What if my address is incorrect in Loyola’s system?

Please ensure that your address is correct in LORA.

If you need your check to be mailed to a temporary address, not listed in LORA, please indicate that either directly on your refund request or by emailing the information to

Who receives my refund? Parent or student?

In general, the student will receive the refund. However, if a student account includes a Parent PLUS Loan, the refund may be returned directly to the parent who completed the Parent PLUS Loan application. This will be determined based on selections made by the parent when completing the loan application.

If you would like your refund to be sent to a third party, please let us know as part of your online refund request (Question #3).

I no longer live at the address on file at Loyola. How do I submit my correct information?

Please update your mailing address in LORA.

What if my plans change for fall 2020?

We know that this event has placed enormous economic pressure on many students and families. If you’re worried about how you are going to afford Loyola, please let us know. The CARES ACT approved by the U.S. Congress has provisions for college students in the form of temporary student loan relief and help with expenses. Staff members in Financial Aid and Student Financial Services are working quickly to understand the provisions of the CARES ACT so that they can advocate for our students. Changes in circumstances, such as the loss of a parent’s job, can often lead to different forms of aid and financial help. But we need to talk to you to learn more about your individual circumstances. Please do not make decisions without a conversation with a staff member in Student Financial Services or Financial Aid.  

Will I get a refund for lab/course fees for the spring of 2020?

As we moved our teaching to online modality, we were already in week 10 of the semester. All materials, chemicals, and other materials for these courses had already been purchased. As many of you know, our science and arts departments donated personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies to local hospitals to aid in the fight against COVID-19, and all these supplies will have to be replaced. Even though we are not currently on campus, the university must continue to maintain labs and equipment with the proper conditions, which results in continued costs to the institution. 

We know this is a difficult time financially for many students and families and the university strives to provide a balance between giving refunds and ensuring that we are able to keep campus safe, employ our staff, and support students now and in the future. Loyola decided to issue room and board prorated refunds, even as the university continues to pay all its employees. The university has prioritized digital equity, expending significant funds to provide students without computers or internet access with the appropriate technology to continue in their coursework. It is important to understand that the move to remote teaching and other expenses associated with COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Loyola's finances. Our highest priority to our students is for Loyola to continue to be a strong academic institution after this crisis is over.