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Students | Commencement

Is the event on May 9 a virtual Commencement ceremony?

No. We will take time on May 9 to celebrate the class of 2020, but it will not be a true Commencement ceremony. We know how important it is for you and your families to hear your name and see you walk across the stage, so we will plan to hold physical ceremonies on August 7-8 at Loyola, assuming that it is safe to have large gatherings by then.

When will the rescheduled in-person Commencement take place?

Right now we are planning to hold Commencement ceremonies on campus the weekend of August 7-8. The exact times and locations are still to be determined, and we will be asking you to let us know whether or not you and your families plan to attend to help us make those decisions. Because of space limitations, we will host individual ceremonies for each college. It will be wonderful for us all to be together again at Loyola.

What about graduate programs and the College of Law?

The May 9th online celebration will include the College of Law and graduate programs. Later this summer, the College of Law will hold its own formal Commencement ceremony as it normally does. We plan to host the College of Law Commencement at Loyola on either August 7 or 8 — we will announce the exact date as soon as our plans are finalized. We will make a determination about whether to have a separate ceremony for graduate programs or to include those students with their colleges based on anticipated numbers of graduates and guests.

What about the other events like the Masses and the Maroon and Gold Gala?

We will plan to hold as many of these events as possible around the weekend of August 7-8. We realize that many of you and your families will have to travel for these events, so we will compress the schedule to help you make the most of your time in New Orleans.

Where will the rescheduled events take place?

We plan to hold these events on campus and will determine the venues once we have an estimated count of graduates and guests who will be attending. The ceremonies will be live-streamed for guests who are unable to attend in person.

When will the official conferral of degrees take place?

Even under normal circumstances, we finalize grades and officially confirm everyone’s degrees a few weeks after our early May ceremony. So here are the official dates you will have formal confirmation of your degree by the Registrar: Undergraduate and graduate degrees (non-law) will be listed on your transcripts by May 28. Law degrees will be listed on your transcripts by June 15.

When will I get my diploma?

Under normal circumstances, diplomas are mailed to graduates following the ceremony after the degrees are confirmed. Since we have to delay this year’s ceremony, we will be able to give you your diploma in person on the weekend of August 7-8. If you are unable to return to campus for the ceremonies, we will mail it to you after that weekend.

What about my cap and gown?

Delivery of the caps and gowns is delayed until the August events. We will hold your cap and gown for the in-person Commencement ceremony. In the event you are unable to attend, we will mail your cap and gown to you after the in-person events.

Will graduation fees be refunded?

Graduation fees are not refundable because we are still planning to have an in-person Commencement ceremony and many of the other events we normally hold during Commencement week, options that are available to you. We realize that some of you may not make it in person, but graduation fees are always collected from all graduates, regardless of their participation in the ceremony and other Commencement events. There has been no change in policy.