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Events on Campus

Planning an event on campus? Loyola-sanctioned events and activities need to follow specific health guidelines in order to keep participants and organizers safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 on our campus. You do not need to request Public Health approval for your event as long as you follow all of the guidelines listed below.

All student organization events must be submitted through HowlConnect for SLM approval (even if your activity is abiding by all public health criteria below). For anything that deviates from the policies outlined below, including school sanctioned travel requests, please complete the instructions for Loyola’s Serial Testing Policy and Procedure

Capacity Requirements for Loyola-Sanctioned Events 

Outdoor events can have up to 500 people if space capacity permits 6 feet of distance and does not exceed capacity limits. Indoor events can have up to 250 people if room capacity permits 6 feet of social distance and does not exceed capacity limits.

All room and elevator capacities must be observed. View the Campus Room Capacities for Social Distancing created by Physical Plant.

Events with 10 – 50 People in Attendance

  • Student organizations are required to appoint one person to serve as a wellness monitor that can be designated to monitor COVID safety at the event. Student organizations are provided event monitor training at the beginning of each semester for leadership to be trained. Student organizations should email with any questions concerning the training and approval process. 
  • Loyola has created a Wellness Monitor Training Video that third parties and departments are required to watch and appoint one person to serve as a wellness monitor that can be designated to monitor COVID safety at the event. Third parties and departments reserving space through Student Affairs will be provided additional steps to complete around COVID safety upon booking their reservation. 
  • If you prefer, you can hire LUPD detail for your event instead of designating a wellness monitor. (For student organizations, details are located on Page 5 in the Student Organization Guidelines in the COVID-19 Code of Conduct Addendum.) 

Events with More Than 50 People in Attendance

LUPD detail is required. View instructions and guidelines for Police Details.

General Guidelines for Loyola-Sanctioned Events

  • 6 foot social distance will be kept between participants at all times
  • Face masks will be worn by all participants during all events
  • No sharing items, including pens, beverages, and utensils
  • Clean all high touch surfaces between uses (i.e. microphones, clickers, podium)
  • Catered food should be grab and go and individually wrapped
  • #CampusClear check will be enforced for entry or participation
  • Attendance will be tracked by roster  
  • For third party groups, you must submit a COVID-19 response plan should one of their guests become exposed or show symptoms
  • For student organizations only, detailed guidelines can be found on pages 4 – 6 of the Student Organization Guidelines in the COVID-19 Code of Conduct Addendum

For questions and special inquiries, please email to discuss your event details with a Public Health Coordinator.