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Residential Life: What to Expect in Isolation

So you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and now you have to isolate—what are your next steps?

For students living in Loyola's residence halls, Loyola has developed a comprehensive set of protocols designed to provide holistic care and services you will need for the duration of your isolation, while also protecting your fellow Wolf Pack members, faculty, employees, and the greater New Orleans community.

All students who have been exposed to COVID-19 or have tested positive should email All students who test positive must follow Loyola’s isolation policies. Students who have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 need to follow our protocols to self-monitor. 

Isolation: You will receive a phone call from the Residential Life Coordinator notifying you that you must enter isolation. You will also receive a call from a Public Health Coordinator to explain what to expect during isolation from Student Health, confirm the end date, and initiate contact tracing.


Isolation: Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 may be moved to a separation isolation room as space allows, may complete isolation in their assigned room, or may choose to isolate off campus for the duration of their isolation time period.  

Students may choose to isolate in an alternate location such as home or another off-campus temporary residence. If a student chooses this option, it will be at their own expense and responsibility and must be communicated to the Residential Life staff.

Class attendance: SA will notify professors they cannot attend class in person while maintaining the students confidentiality. Students in isolation are expected to work directly with their professors to make academic arrangements.

During this period, except for an emergency or to seek medical care (or required testing), it is important that you do not leave your isolation location. If you are in a shared suite (e.g. Cabra and Carrollton Hall), you should remain in your room unless you need to use the suite or hall restroom, and be sure to maintain physical distance and wear a mask when you do.

Student conduct: We understand that both isolation can be burdensome. However, Loyola must investigate every report it receives of alleged violations of the isolation policies. Sanctions for violations could include but are not limited to verbal warning, conduct reprimand, disciplinary fines, disciplinary probation, removal from university housing, and suspension or dismissal from the university. 

View the full COVID-19 addendum to Loyola’s Student Code of Conduct.

Students may leave their room to pick up to-go options for their meals using the Everyday app. To pick up food, isolation students must wear a mask, go straight to the meal pick up location, pick up their food, and return to their room. All food must be eaten in their room. 

For off campus deliveries, such as Instacart or UberEats, students may pick them up from the lobby of their building. To pick up food, students must wear a mask, go straight to the meal pick up location, pick up their food, and return to their room.

Students may use the laundry facilities if needed but should minimize the time in the space. Students must mask while in the laundry room and may only stay in the laundry room while loading laundry, moving laundry, or picking up laundry from the dryer. Please sanitize any area that you have touched while doing your laundry. 

If you have a shared bathroom: The sick person should clean and disinfect after themselves each use. Sinks could be an infection source. Avoid placing toothbrushes directly on counter surfaces. Totes can be used for personal items so they do not touch the bathroom countertop. Students in isolation or self-monitoring should wear a mask in shared bathroom spaces except when alone or when showering.


  • Mask in all public places for 10 full days
  • Mask in your room when a roommate or suitemate is present
  • Disinfect after using shared spaces or bathrooms
  • After day 5, go to class (while wearing a mask)
  • Use the Sodexo Everyday app to grab on-campus food-to-go 
  • Order UberEats, PostMates, etc.
  • Eat in your room without others present
  • Complete Symptom Survey


  • Go to Tulane for food
  • Eat in the Orleans Room
  • Eat in public places
  • “Hang out” in public places.
  • Remove your mask in public places
  • Remove your mask when a roommate or suitemate is present

After completing 5 full days in isolation, on day 6 you may exit your room through Residential Life staff. Students can choose to isolate themselves in their rooms for the full 10 day period. Please contact if you need to extend your isolation or quarantine past day 5.

After the 10th full day of following masking protocols, you are able to return to normal activities. You will no longer need to mask in your room and may return to eating in the Orleans Room and other public places.

If your symptoms return or worsen, please contact Student Health Services at 504-865-3326. If you have any questions concerning isolation or COVID-19, please email or

University Counseling Center (UCC): To speak with a licensed counselor anytime, call the Counselor on-call (24 hours) at 504.865.3854 or visit our UCC website to read about other counseling and wellness services available to you. 

Residential Life Coordinator: Contact the Residential Life Coordinator for general assistance.

Hours of on-campus operational support:

  • Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
  • Professional on-call staff is available. Contact information will be emailed to you when you are in isolation. 

Student Health Services: Call 504-865-3326, available M–F, 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.  

Loyola University Police Department: 504-865-3434

Health or life safety emergencies (24 hours). This includes emergency illness, safety concerns about drugs or alcohol, and facilities emergencies.

Who will be checking on me while I’m in isolation? 

Residents who test positive for COVID-19 will be checked on by Res Life staff, and students have the option of calling Student Health Services for any questions related to their illness or symptoms.

What do I do if I need medical care while in isolation?

See the options listed below for if you need medical care or symptom evaluation: 

  1. Contact Student Health Services at 504-865-3326 to make an appointment.
  2. After hours, you can access care via your phone, laptop, or tablet via the Ochsner Connected Anywhere App
  3. In an emergency, please call LUPD at 504-865-3434