Continuing online operations

Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare for reopening safely in the fall. Coronavirus resources

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Building Entrances and Exits

Requirements for Entering/Exiting Buildings:

Students, faculty, and staff will need to have their Loyola ID card on them at all times while on campus. Entry to buildings will be monitored to maintain enhanced occupancy requirements.

Feel sick

  • Employee arrivals/departures will be staggered, as described on the Staffing Arrangements page, to reduce interactions at shared access points. 
  • Follow signage and visual markers at all buildings to use designated access points.
  • Only faculty, staff, and students will be allowed to enter buildings, and outside visitors/guests are not allowed. View our Campus Visitor Policy for more details.
  • Wherever possible, doors will be fixed so that they stay open without the need to touch the door or the door handles. Please do your part by refraining from touching doors or other surfaces unnecessarily.
  • Capacity limits will be clearly marked outside of shared spaces, including classrooms, dining areas, and conference rooms. View the capacity requirements provided by Physical Plant.

See our Faculty and Staff section for more guidance on changes to the work environment and Student section for guidance on student environments.