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Students | Fall 2020 Pass/Fail

Is this an automatic change?

No. You must opt in on LORA. Watch your email for more details.

Are online program students eligible?

Online undergraduates except for those in the RN-BSN program are eligible.

Are graduate and law students eligible?

These programs are governed by more complex accreditation and licensure considerations. Please talk to your Department Chair or Academic Advisor if you have questions about your program.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take Pass/Fail this semester?

There is no limit on the numbers of Fall 2020 courses/credits allowed to be taken Pass/Fail, but students without a GPA should be aware of the GPA necessary to maintain TOPS and other scholarships.

What happens to my GPA if I elect to take all of my courses Pass/Fail?

If you select pass and earn a pass for all of your courses, your cumulative GPA will remain what it had been at the end of the Spring 2020 semester. If you fail one or more courses, the F grades will calculate into your cumulative GPA.

Can I use a course graded Pass/Fail to apply for Academic Amnesty?

You may use a P in a P/F course to replace a previous F, but this P will not improve your GPA and you may still be subject to minimum requirements set forth by your major.

I’m on Academic Probation and need to earn a certain GPA to continue at Loyola. Will taking my courses Pass/Fail help or hinder my progress?

As long as you pass every course, electing to take your classes Pass/Fail will grant you, in effect, another semester to improve your GPA and return to good academic standing. Failing some courses will impact your GPA negatively as it would in A-F grading. Earning grades of A or B or even C+ could pull up your GPA.

Will taking some or all of my classes Pass/Fail affect my eligibility for Financial Aid?

Grades of F will continue to impact Satisfactory Academic Progress, the federal guidelines for maintaining eligibility. Grades of P will not hurt your GPA or your ability to get financial aid unless you currently have a Loyola GPA of 0. If you are on financial aid probation and opt in to P/F courses you may need to appeal because your GPA will look low in spite of successful “P”s.

What is the deadline to decide whether to take my course P/F?

January 4, 2021.

Can I change my mind about taking my classes P/F?

You should not complete the form indicating your preferences until you are sure of what you want to do. The decision is irrevocable.

My major requires a minimum grade in certain courses (and/or overall); does a P grade satisfy these requirements?

Please discuss your options with your academic advisor in the major. This is particularly important if you are a student in the Natural Sciences.

Can I still graduate with Honors if I choose P/F?

As long as your cumulative GPA stays at 3.5 or above the latin distinction will stand.

What does an F in P/F mean?

An F is the same in regular grading and P/F grading. Fs count as 0.0 in your GPA and no earned hours in both systems.

What about incompletes?

According to the incomplete policy posted in the University Bulletin an Incomplete grade may be assigned only if the student has completed an appropriate amount of coursework for the semester (generally considered to be 75% or more), and only if the student’s work in the course thus far is passing. As a result, grades of I are not eligible for later opt-in to pass/fail.

Can I opt in for a first eight week class?

Unfortunately no. This policy was adopted after those grades posted and cannot be retroactively applied based on best practices outlined by our accreditor.