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How will courses be offered for the Fall 2021 semester?

Following all public health guidance, we plan to have classes in person at full capacity in the fall. All students who will spend any amount of time on campus are required to submit COVID-19 vaccination documentation or an exemption request no later than July 16, 2021. We will continue to use our established processes through Human Resources and the Office for Accessible Education to request ADA accommodations. Where possible, we will continue to make use of our classroom technology to facilitate virtual participation by those students. Plans are subject to change pending current public health guidance from city and state officials. 

What if I get sick and fall behind on my coursework?

First and foremost, we want all Loyola students and community members to remain safe, healthy, and well. In the event that you fall sick, your first priority should be to get better. Faculty will be flexible about attendance rules and work with students who are ill.

I have a health condition that makes me more vulnerable to COVID-19. What options will I have for taking courses?

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE) can work with students who have health conditions that require official accommodation. Please contact the OAE if you have any concerns about returning to campus for classes. The OAE works with all colleges to provide all-online schedules where they are needed.