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How will registration and advising work for summer and fall 2020?

Consult the updated registration calendar.

How will courses be offered for the Fall 2020 semester?

We will offer a mix of asynchronous online, synchronous online, HyFlex, and on-ground courses for the Fall 2020 semester. All on-ground learning will follow social distancing and face mask requirements and classrooms will operate with limited capacity. You will find details about the delivery format of your course on LORA. LORA is subject to change based on faculty availability and room assignment changes that are required by changing enrollments. If you have questions about your schedule, please contact your academic advisor or success coach. 

View the Academics page for more information.

If I will be taking all five classes online for the semester, do I have to complete COVID-Education training, a COVID-Positive Plan and a Hurricane Evacuation Plan? (All my classes are online for the semester, do I still have to do this?)

If you are choosing to be completely virtual and never come to campus this semester, you are not required to complete the COVID-Education training, a COVID-Positive Plan and personal Hurricane Evacuation Plan. 

I don’t feel comfortable taking on-ground courses. What options are available to me?

In the event that you and your family believe it most appropriate for you to study from home for the fall semester, we encourage you to work with your academic advisor and the associate dean of your college to construct a schedule that is optimized to ensure you are having the best possible learning experience. We can help you work through any issues you are facing. Your education and wellbeing are our top priority.

If I am in a hybrid classes, can I go entirely remote and keep the class?

Yes, but you should check in with your department or dean to make sure for each specific class. Generally, we’ve structured our courses so that faculty can teach in person at a safe distance, but also make it possible for students to participate completely remotely if needed.

Will labs be able to be offered virtually?

Yes, some will be available virtually. Check with your success coach/advisor or dean to find out what is available.

What steps are being taken to make classrooms safe?

We will do everything we can to make campus a safe space from the spread of the virus. We’ve decommissioned and moved furniture to allow six feet of distance in classrooms between chairs. Students will sit six feet apart and wear masks. We will provide enhanced daily cleaning services that include electrostatic disinfecting in all interior spaces. We will provide the highest level of air filtration that our HVAC units will allow and maximize outside air intake. Additionally, students and professors will have access to cleaning supplies to disinfect classroom desks and lecterns upon arrival.

I have a health condition that makes me more vulnerable to COVID-19. What options will I have for taking courses?

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE) can work with students who have health conditions that require official accommodation. Please contact the OAE if you have any concerns about returning to campus for classes. The OAE works with all colleges to provide all-online schedules where they are needed.

What if I get sick and fall behind on my coursework?

First and foremost, we want all Loyola students and community members to remain safe, healthy, and well. In the event that you fall sick, your first priority should be to get better. Faculty will be flexible about attendance rules and work with students who are ill. 

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, then Student Affairs staff will help that student enact their COVID Positive Plan, which must be submitted before the start of the Fall 2020 semester. Students must follow quarantine and isolation requirements to help protect all members of the Loyola community.

How will you accommodate deaf students who lip read, if teachers are wearing masks?

Loyola is ordering clear masks for all faculty so students can see mouths and lip read, even with a mask on.

What will online learning look like for the Fall 2020 semester? Is it different from what was offered for Spring 2020?

Online courses will be offered through Canvas, our significantly upgraded learning platform, which will replace Blackboard. We have drawn on our many in-house experts in digital learning to ensure that we have the best guidance in developing and presenting our courses, both online and in the classroom.   

Students will be hearing more about the move to Canvas in the coming weeks and we will be providing training and resources to ensure this experience is smooth for you. If you are taking the free Understanding COVID-19 course this summer you will get a sneak peak of learning in Canvas.

My professor is holding class at the regular meeting time, but I cannot make it. What should I do?

Professors may hold classes at the regular meeting times in-person or via Zoom, but they have been asked to record those sessions and post them online to make them available to students not able to make the synchronous sessions. We will also maintain flexible attendance and deadline policies in recognition of the fact that students may become ill or have loved ones who become ill.

How will music and performance studies courses be offered?

For the most part, individual music classes will be taught almost entirely virtually to reduce risk. Some ensembles will be taught where students will spread out at safe distances in large performance halls. To inquire about a specific course, please reach out to your dean.

When will classes end for the Fall 2020 semester?

We will end on-ground campus instruction and events before Thanksgiving break, which will take place from November 23-27. Classes will resume remotely on November 30 for the remainder of the semester and final exams. 

We will move Labor Day and fall break holidays to the Friday, Monday, and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week to allow for a proper break if those days are not needed earlier. If Loyola must move to fully online teaching prior to Thanksgiving these three additional days will be used as transition time.

View the Academic Calendar

View College of Law Academic Calendar

Will tuition be discounted because students are going home after Thanksgiving?

No. The final weeks of classes and final exams are moving online to eliminate the risk of our population traveling away and possibly returning with the virus. You are still receiving the normal semester’s length of instruction.

Has fall study abroad been canceled? What about for the spring semester?

Fall semester study abroad programs have all been canceled. Spring 2021 applications are still being accepted at this time. Please reach out to Wyatt Boykin (Study Abroad Advisor) or Mariette Thomas (CIE Director) with any questions or concerns. 

What if I don't have a laptop or necessary equipment to complete a particular course?

Please be on the lookout for a survey in the next few weeks that asks about your access to technology. The Monroe Library supports students by loaning laptops and hotspots, as supply allows. Campus computer labs will be also available, with appropriate social distancing protocols in place.

What if I forget my SSO login information?

If you encounter difficulty logging into Single Sign On, you can email

I have OAE accommodations and don’t know how they will work for the new Fall 2020 learning formats. Who can I contact?

If you have a question about whether an accommodation is still valid, you should speak with your Accessibility Counselor. If your question is about the mechanics of how an assignment or test will function in Canvas, you should talk to your instructor who may refer you to the Online Learning Team if your question is beyond their expertise.

I love my success coach. Will they be available for the Fall 2020 semester?

Yes! Send them an email and set up an appointment.

I love my librarian liaison. Will they be available for the Fall 2020 semester?

Yes! Contact a librarian liaison via email or chat. Find out more here:

Will I be able to get tutoring?

Yes, absolutely. The Pan-American Life Student Success Center will continue to provide tutoring and learning support, success coaching and advising, and career development guidance. If you are off campus or prefer an online meeting, they are fully accessible by Zoom. Please consult their website for information about services and about on-ground operations as those details become available.

You can sign up for tutoring using the standard Office of Writing and Learning Support (OWLS). OWLS offers tutoring in math, science, writing, languages, accounting, economics, and more.

Will I be able to meet with my academic advisor?

Absolutely. Advisors can meet with you via video conferencing, phone calls, and email. If you are having difficulty getting in touch with your advisor, please contact Dr. Paul Buehler in the Student Success Center at, 504.865.2139, or via

How can I view my tuition billing statement?

All student tuition billing statements can be viewed in the e-Commerce system. You can access the e-Commerce system from your LORA account.

How can I make a tuition payment?

Tuition payments can be made online via our e-Commerce system with an electronic check (free service). All that is needed is your financial institutions routing number and your checking or savings account information. Credit card payments are only accepted online as the e-Commerce provider charges a non-refundable 2.85% fee.

Can I mail in a tuition payment?

You can mail in a non-cash tuition payment to the Bursar’s Office directly. Our mailing address is:

6363 St. Charles Avenue
Campus Box 78
New Orleans, LA 70118

Your check payment will be safely secured at the university until we return to campus to post your payment.

Can I speak to a Bursar’s Office representative during normal business hours?

Yes, you can speak with a Bursar’s representative by calling 504.865.2388. Calls will be answered Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (CDT). You can also send an email to and we will respond to your email.

How can I receive a copy of my 1098-T?

Students can contact ECSI for their tax document. If you prefer, you can call them directly at 1.866.428.1098. Live CHAT is also available.