Continuing online operations

Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare for reopening safely in the fall. Coronavirus resources

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Faculty | Academics and Instruction

I am at higher risk for coronavirus. What options are available to me?

If you need to teach online for the duration of the pandemic as a precautionary risk-reduction measure, the university will accommodate all reasonable requests. Contact your dean for assistance.

What if I become sick with COVID-19?

Under no circumstances should you teach while experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Depending on the severity of illness, you may continue instruction through online delivery or a backup instructor can be assigned. Please work with your chair and dean as needed. 

If you believe that you have been exposed to or have COVID-19, contact your health provider or call the Ochsner Help Line at 1.800.232.5257 for free nursing advice. Review our Reporting Illnesses section for additional next steps.

Do I have to teach asynchronously or can I keep my same meeting time?

You may have a scheduled meeting time for courses using Zoom and/or through on-ground meetings. However, all synchronous meetings must be recorded for students who are ill or for students who have other accommodations. Your attendance policies and delivery modality should be sufficiently flexible.

How can I get help with Canvas?

The CFI hosted a five-day online teaching conference from June 8-12. View the recordings and slide decks for those sessions. You can also review the Canvas Guide for more resources.

Can I use online proctoring services like Examity if I haven’t already set them up in my class?

Unless students have been given fair warning at the time of registration, they may not have access to webcams or computers with specifications sufficient for online proctoring. Please work with your associate dean to ensure courses using Respondus, Examity, Examsoft (Law), or similar solutions are indicated as such on LORA and in the syllabus.

What tools are available if I require student presentations?

Please remember that your students have varying levels of access to electronic devices like webcams. We encourage you to think creatively about ways to bridge the digital divide, including creating assignments that are mobile-device friendly. Students do have access to upload videos to YouTube as part of the G-Suite. You can use Zoom to conduct synchronous student presentations. Students on campus will have access to support in the Monroe Library.