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Prospective Students | General

Is Loyola University New Orleans open for campus visits?

Yes, but by appointment only. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Loyola is limiting campus access to outside guests. The Office of Admissions is offering small, student-led and modified campus tours Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and again at 2:30 p.m. Please review our tour schedule and register for a tour with us today!

How can I learn more about the campus without visiting?

Are you taking applications?

Yes! We are absolutely accepting applications and offering scholarships. Please apply here.

Are you accepting graduate school applications?

Yes! Moving forward, we will communicate with all graduate school applicants via email. Our general graduate admissions email account will be checked daily as normal. Students can still submit applications via the graduate student application online. Students are encouraged to submit official transcripts and other supporting documents electronically when possible, but Loyola is receiving physical mail regularly.

How can I make my deposit?

Welcome to the Wolf Pack! You can make your enrollment deposit online.

  • On-campus students: $500
  • Commuter students: $300

Will you accept unofficial transcripts during this time?

Yes, we are accepting unofficial transcripts. With school and business closures, we understand that your school might not be able to send Loyola an official printed copy of your transcript. We will accept electronic transcripts or PDFs from the school or student emailed to for undergraduate students. For graduate students, they can be emailed to We will not accept a handwritten form.

Please note that we will require an official copy of the final transcript before the student begins classes.

I am a prospective transfer student - where do I send my transcript?

We are encouraging all prospective transfer students to send their transcripts electronically at this time. Please contact Jamie Blanch, Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions, 516.341.2158,, with any further questions about transferring to Loyno.

How can I talk to a professor about some questions I have about my intended major?

Our wonderful professors are here to help and available via email. Check out our Academics page for your specific program and individual professor contact information.

I want to experience success coaching. How do I do that?

You can book an appointment with one of our Student Success coaches through the following link:

How can I make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor to review or answer questions about my schedule before I arrive?

Within two weeks of your deposit, you should receive your schedule from your advisor. You’ll be able to discuss your schedule, and make adjustments to your registration if appropriate. If you’ve been considering changing your major, let your advisor know—they will get you connected with the new department, and a new advisor who can update your schedule for your new major.

For first-year students, advising occurs across several offices, and you will have access to advisors in each office before and after school starts. In the Pan-American Student Success Center, the Office of Academic Advising and Success Coaching assigns each deposited student a first-year advisor-coach, who will guide you through the transition to academic life in college and connect you with the Loyola community throughout your first year at school. You can expect to hear from your advisor-coach soon after depositing. Learn more about the Office of Academic Advising and Success Coaching.

I have a medical, mental health or disability-related need. Can I talk to someone before I arrive on campus?

The University Counseling Center, Office for Accessible Education, and Student Health Services are open. We encourage you to reach out to coordinate continuing care and ensure that any accommodations can be in place before the semester starts.

Contact Information:

Is Loyola merchandise available for purchase?

Yes, you can order Loyola merchandise via our online shop via the campus bookstore. Remember to visit often for coupons and sales!

Who can answer my questions?

The Offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Financial Services are working remotely and are available to you. We recommend emailing the departments at the email addresses below to reach them the quickest.

  • Admissions: 504.865.3240 or
  • Financial Aid: 504.865.3231 or
  • Student Financial Services: 504.865.3337 or

To reach a specific individual in Admissions, Financial Aid or Student Financial Services, please browse the list below:

Office of Admissions

Out of State - Undergraduate Student Counselors (On Ground Classes)

If you are unsure of who your Admissions Counselor is, please click on one of the bullets to see who is assigned to your region:


Harvey Werner
(504) 814-3185

Doug Umberger
(202) 810-9944

Breylyn Henry
(985) 262-9096

Ricky Alarcon
(469) 634-1303

Michael Cusanza

Andrew Harper
(504) 383-4352

Justin Blackstone
(318) 269-8980

Louisiana - Undergraduate Student Counselors (On Ground Classes)

Kate Massey
(504) 264-2047

Breylyn Henry
(985) 262-9096

Michael Cusanza

Harvey Werner
(504) 814-3185

Transfer Students

Jamie Blanch
(516) 341-2158

Online Degree Program Admissions and Readmits

Tharren "Tee" Poplion
(504) 383-4273

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Students

Nikita Milton
(504) 264-3779

Office of Financial Aid

Anna Daigle
Director of Financial Aid
(504) 383-3769

Linda Osorio
Associate Director of Financial Aid
(504) 383-4346

2020-2021 New and Prospective Students A-Glh

John-Michael Rogers 

(504) 408-2021 

2020-2021 New and Prospective Students Gli-Or

Keisha Williams

(504) 345-8208

2020-2021 New and Prospective Students Os-Z

Tara Johnson

(504) 383-4422

Undergraduate Continuing Students A-M (On-ground)

Keisha Williams

(504) 345-8208

Undergraduate Continuing Students N-Z (On-ground)

Tara Johnson

(504) 383-4422

Online Degree Program Students (New/Prospective Students)

Latasha Hales

(504) 383-4393

Online Degree Program Students (Continuing/Currently Enrolled)

Kaitlin Harper-Loendorf

(504) 358-0286


Deshon Robertson

(504) 273-4377

Student Financial Services Account Counselors

Mary Musso

(504) 656-4081

Vicki Jays

(504) 383-4205

Susan Locasio

(504) 446-0347